Academic year



With a minimum length of one school year, these courses are the best way to learn Spanish extensively. Doing such an extensive immersion in the culture, once the year is finished, the student will be bilingual.


If you are parents that are looking for new horizons in your child’s education and think that a new language can help in getting a new job, having an academic year abroad is the best option.


These courses are for students over 14 years old and are designed according to the age and the previous knowledge of the language. This way, the students will be able to study Spanish, and at the same time, the same subjects that they would study in their own country according to its education system. Then, the students would be able to study High School, Secondary Education or any university degree.


The program also includes:


  • Personal attention to the student during the whole stay.

  • Personal attention to the parents informing of everything constantly.

  • Accommodation in carefully selected Spanish families.


The course is divided in two semesters: from September to December and from January to June.


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