Language stays



Language stays ara a good opportunity to learn a language in more ways than only taking gramatical lessons in a school. They give you the chance to enjoy the language in different environments. For example, using Spanish in a wide range of professional or leisure activities according to the student preferences.


This way, the student will develop communicative skills, but also an approach to the Spanish culture and way of life.


In addition, the social contact will be really important for the student, who not only will be able to have new friendships with other students from different nationalities. The student will also interact with locals that will give him or her the chance to speak and also think in Spanish.


According to some of the offered courses in our schools list, a student that wants to join a language stay can also gain knowledges in other subjects such as cooking, dancing, music, hiking and a lot more!


Among the languages stays courses we can find:

  • Dancing courses (flamenco, salsa, bachata)

  • Sea sports courses (surf, kayak, scuba-diving)

  • Air sports courses(paragliding)

  • Land and mountain sports courses (hiking, paddle, football, golf, tennis, yoga)

  • Specific Spanish cooking courses

  • Cinema courses

  • Literature courses

  • Dj and music production courses

  • IT courses

  • Horse riding courses

  • Skiing courses


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