Intensive courses



Intensive courses bring the chance to learn the same vocabulary and grammar than a general course but in a shorter period of time. The length is between 1 and 3 months for level and it requires constant work and interest to learn and acquire the daily presented course contents.


This type of courses are really interesting because they help the students to make an immersion to another language and focus their total attention to the study of the language, that at last instance will suppose a personal gain. Through the language, the student will discover a new culture and new mentalities.


These courses are presented in order to be adapted to the needs of each student. According to that, we can find in the schools list:


  • Intensive 20 hours courses

  • Superintensive 25 or 30 hours courses

  • Intensive or superintensive courses + private lessons (+5 or 10 hours)

  • Intensive courses for specific ages

  • Weekly intensive courses

  • Summer intensive courses

  • Intensive courses during the whole year

  • Intensive courses for Spanish teachers


In the majority of schools it is possible to join the intensive course each Monday of each week.


In addition, the schools offer cultural and leisure activities once the students have finished their lessons. That allows them having fun learning more about the Spanish culture through excursions and guided tours. They can also join local celebrations and know a lot of Spanish traditions.


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